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(415) 751-5511
Tuesday thru Saturday
Open 12ish to 7ish
If I can possibly find it for you, I will.
  If you're not sure what you want, I will help you find the
right fit and style for you and your wardrobe! 

I believe women are great in all sizes, shapes and stages of life. 
 We must celebrate who we are right now! 
"Instead of placing value on your weight,
Place weight on your values."   jane

Most of us don't need more clothing, shoes and purses, 
but how dull life would be without a little retail therapy.
A pretty new blouse can give you a boost of energy.

By shopping resale, you are recycling in its purest form.
Renew.  Repurpose.  Revitalize.
Experience a Breath of Fresh Wear!
Then, as a singer for Princess Cruises, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience fashions with
extraordinary origins in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, the South Pacific Islands and Russia.
Later, a career in sales management and corporate training led me to my home in San Francisco.

In May 2001, sequin gowns, a frugal upbringing, and serendipity created the perfect storm. . .oops, store! 
I enjoy supporting local artists to strengthen our community and local economy.
I believe the stuff that can't be bought, like joy and laughter, is essential to our
personal development. This is my opportunity to encourage personal
and communal growth by offering fun at reasonable prices.  --JANE
I believe in repurposing items that are both practical and beautiful. As a milkman's daughter from Kansas (no kidding), I was taught you don't have to throw out
old things to buy new ones. Recycling was a way of life. After moving to Los Angeles as a young entertainer, my hobby was exploring yard sales and consignment stores. 
I loved treasure hunting for bargains that were unique.
2249 Clement Street
San Francisco, CA  94121
Between 23rd & 24th Ave.
Customer Service is Priority
Only Pay Retail for Socks & Underwear
(and even then get them on sale)
It's not about Need . . . It's about FUN
You are Beautiful Just the Way You Are
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